There are many reasons why you may want to do a detox cleanse. For example, you might be feeling sluggish and low on energy, you may be suffering from digestive complaints such as constipation, bloating or flatulence, or as is often the case, you may simply want to lose weight.

Whatever the reason, a detox can often help a great deal because it will help eliminate toxins and chemicals from your body, and cleanse the colon and parts of the internal digestive system.

In this article I thought I would look at some of the best detox / colon cleanse products for weight loss in 2014, but it is worth noting that the products listed here also offer a number of other health benefits as well. So you might want to buy one of these detox cleansing products even if you are not looking to lose any weight right now.

1. Kaeng Raeng Natural Detox Cleanse

It is rare to find any kind of health or weight loss product that has so many positive customer reviews, but Kaeng Raeng is one such product that has received a huge number of 5-star reviews. In fact it is hard to find any negative reviews at all if you do a search online.

This is essentially a nutritional meal replacement program that involves drinking 3 drinks pouches per day for 3 or 6 days, depending on which program is chosen.

No other food is allowed during this 3 or 6-day cleansing process, although unlike other detox programs, you are allowed to eat raw fruits or vegetables if you get hungry, which makes it so much easier to follow.

These drinks are a mixture of fruits and probiotic cultures and they really do seem to work because many people have reported that they lost weight during the actual cleanse, and continued to lose weight immediately afterwards in many cases because it helps reduce cravings for salty and sugary foods and also makes it easier to lose weight.

Plus not only does it help jumpstart weight loss, but it can also help improve the appearance of the skin, improve digestion, reduce common complaints such as constipation, bloating and wind, and help people feel a lot better overall.

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2. DetoxPlus

Another detox cleansing product that you might want to consider buying in 2014 is DetoxPlus because this too has received a lot of positive reviews, and is regarded as being one of the best detox cleansing products right now.

These pills take longer to work as they are supposed to be taken over 30 days, but they are less expensive than Kaeng Raeng and are capable of providing the same kind of health and weight loss benefits because they provide a deep cellular cleanse of the colon, liver and intestines.

The makers of this product suggest that you take this product for one month before dieting in order to fully cleanse the colon and the internal digestive system (which in itself can help shed a few pounds) and make it easier to lose weight.

However they also point out that taking an additional weight loss supplement at the same time as these detox pills can be equally as effective at helping you lose weight, which is why they sell DetoxPlus and Raspberry Ketone Plus and DetoxPlus and Acai Plus combo packs because these seem to work really well together.

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