Kelly Clarkson has been putting in a lot of hard work just recently because she has been aiming to lose some weight and get a slimmer figure. She has actually been very successful as well because she has managed to lose 30 pounds so far acccording to recent reports.

This weight loss is the result of a gruelling fitness regime. She says that she has been doing lots of cardio, which includes plenty of running, and strength training using her own body weight (rather than free weights).

However it is worth noting that she has made it clear to her fans that she has no intention of being super-skinny like so many other female celebrities. She just wants to be healthy and happy.

This is quite a refreshing attitude because so many women try and slim down as much as they possibly can in order to get a tiny waist and to drop several dress sizes. This is particularly true of many celebrities these days.

So does Kelly Clarkson have the right attitude?

Well in many ways I think she is right because the goal should always be to get down to a healthy weight. You certainly don’t have to have a body like a stick insect to attract men because the majority of men don’t really care if a woman is a few pounds overweight. Indeed many men actually prefer curvy women rather than skinny, flat chested women.

Rihanna recently experienced the perils of losing too much weight because she admitted to being disappointed that she had lost some of her famous curves as a result of her weight loss.

So you can definitely go too far if you are not careful and end up becoming too skinny, which is never a good look.

Therefore I think Kelly Clarkson does pretty much have the right attitude because you should always strive to lose enough weight so that you have a normal fit and healthy body.

The benefit of doing this is that you don’t need to starve yourself all the time, like many super skinny women do, and you can easily remain at this average weight with a moderate amount of exercise every week and a sensible diet.